Fish Specialities Online Replica Service

Just looking around? Or are you ready to order your trophy replica today? If you know what you want, fill out the “Online Replica Form” form below and get our same excellent service and replica pricing also with a great turnaround time. You can even calculate your TOTAL costs (including shipping) yourself. (Or leave this part blank on your order form and we will calculate your shipping costs for you).

How It Works

Fill out the “Online Replica Form” below. Fill in as much information as possible. Once received we verify the availability of your requested size, position(s) available and confirm your total costs including shipping. We will then call you usually within 24 hours. We go over the details of your job with you and offer you your choice of available sizes and positions. Payment arrangements are also made. Payment in full is due at this time. We accept all major credit cards, checks, or money orders for our online replica service. We then assign one of our talented artists to your job. No production lines here! They will contact you via email or text (your choice) when your trophy is started and again with a tracking # when your trophy is shipped. Every trophy replica is custom painted to your photo(s) and the back is signed and dated by your artist! Your trophy is carefully crated and shipped (insured) safely to you! We have perfected our crating process and there is no extra charge for crating. Fish Specialties Taxidermy is proud to say that in over 20 years in business we have NEVER had one of our fish damaged that we have crated ourselves! Lastly, we ask that you please let us know when you receive your trophy and to also let us know how pleased you are with your replica and our service! We truly appreciate any feedback on ways we can improve upon your experience!

Why Choose Our Online Replica Service?

The Best Artists

We have some of the most talented artists and taxidermists in the industry. Every fish replica is custom painted to your photo(s). AND, you get our fantastic, individual service we’re known for that the “big box” shops simply cannot compete. Just check out our work by visiting any of our artist’s galleries!

Fair Prices

You’re having the trophy of a lifetime replicated. You don’t want to cut corners! We offer the best artists & highest quality, highly detailed replicas available. By using our online replica service it saves us time (time saved from the daily interruptions answering phone calls from robots and telemarketers!) And allows us to spend more time on your replica! Our prices reflect the talent and time we put into each and every replica!

Great Turnaround Time

By having several highly talented and qualified artists we can do better on turnaround time than most other shops! Our turnaround time for most freshwater replicas is 60-90 days and for most saltwater replicas 90-120 days! We will confirm our turnaround time with you when we call you for details and payment.

Online Replica Form

Calculate Your Shipping Costs (PLEASE READ!)

  1. Go to
  2. Under “Zip Code Mailing From” key in 61001
  3. Under “Zip Code Mailing To” key in your zip code
  4. Pick any date / time to mail (does not affect shipping price)
  5. Click on “Calculate Price Based on Shape & Size”
  6. Under “Weight and Shape/Size” just key in the weight of your fish (weight doesn’t matter, size of package does)
  7. Select “Large Package Any Dimension Over 12 inches”
  8. Select “Rectangular”
  9. Select “Standard”
  10. For “Length of Box” key in the length of your fish plus 4 inches
  11. For “Height” key in:
    • 8 inches for Panfish
    • 12 inches for Bass or Walleye
    • 16 inches for Pike and Musky sized fish
  12. For width, key in your fish’s estimated girth (the distance around the fish at its widest point)
  13. Click on “Continue”
  14. Choose the cheapest shipping method. Usually “Ground Shipping” or “Priority Mail”
  15. Next, check the following boxes: “Adult Signature Required” and “Insurance”
  16. For “Insurance” key in the total amount of your trophy (calculated from the form under the Pricing section)
  17. Click “Continue”
  18. You will now have a Shipping Total. Please add this amount to the “Shipping Cost” area on the form to the left.

* For large fish 50 inches or longer, we will need to use FedEx or UPS (your choice) use one of those websites to calculate your shipping costs instead of USPS. FYI, USPS has the best rates for 50 inches or less.

**Returns: Returned items must be received in original, undamaged condition within 30 days of shipping date for a full refund. There is no re-stocking fee. However, return shipping charges and insurance are the responsibility of the customer. All returns must be prior approved.

***Minimum charge of $295 for a wall mount replica plus shipping.