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Fish Specialties Taxidermy: Who Are We?

Our concept here at Fish Specialties Taxidermy is simple. With our “Artist’s First” philosophy we are building a network of the industry’s best Fish Artists/Taxidermists that you, our customers, can trust (and deserve)! To trust that your trophy of a lifetime will be done by only the most qualified and trained professionals in the industry. And we back that up with industry leading customer service and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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Our Mission & Setting the Standard

My motivation stems from my (and my team’s) extensive restoration experiences. We do a LOT of restoration work, repaints and re-do’s. WHY???  We shouldn’t have to! We see a lot of other taxidermists poorly mounted fish or badly painted replicas/reproductions. And quite frankly, it makes me angry! It shouldn’t happen! We feel badly for our customers who now have to pay twice, a second time to us to fix their poorly mounted fish. Or worse, we have to give them the bad news that their trophy of a lifetime was done so poorly that it is not salvageable. At Fish Specialties Taxidermy we’re on a mission to make sure it doesn’t happen again! We’re doing this by setting a very high standard in the taxidermy industry by choosing the right people to join our team!  We want YOU, our customers to have a “go-to” place where you feel confident in entrusting your trophy of a lifetime. We have some of the best fish artists/taxidermists and trained professionals in the industry! I encourage you to research us (and others) on the internet so that you can see our great reviews by real people. With Fish Specialties Taxidermy you get the best in the business and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!  Fish Specialties Founder, Marty Shimkus.

Choosing a Qualified Taxidermist

Entrusting your trophy of a lifetime with the right individual can be a daunting task in an industry saturated with varying levels of talent, experience and unqualified individuals. Many have good intentions, but they simply don’t see things the way we artists see things! All of our taxidermists are also accomplished fine artists in numerous mediums. Painting being at the top of their resume’s. It takes artistic talent to do this well! Many taxidermists become interested in taxidermy because of their love of fishing and the outdoors. We also happen to be avid fishermen and women ourselves. However, we are ARTISTS FIRST professionally trained in the art of taxidermy. Liking the outdoors shouldn’t be the top criteria in choosing your taxidermist! Artistic talent SHOULD!!! All of our Fish Artists at Fish Specialties Taxidermy are with us for a reason. They are either brought in because they are the “best of the best” in the taxidermy industry. Or, we bring in talented artists and train them in the art of fish taxidermy to our high standards. Our goal at Fish Specialties Taxidermy is to ensure that your experience with choosing us has exceeded all of your expectations! Don’t trust your trophy of a lifetime to just anybody!

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Skin Mount or Replica? (And Trophy Care)

If you just Googled us from your boat and are trying to decide whether to do a replica or an original skin mount, price-wise we are about the same to encourage C&R. First thing to do with either is quickly get a good photo or two of your trophy. Fish lose their color quickly and a good photo or two will help us custom paint your trophy. For replicas all that is needed before you release your fish, after a good photo is a length measurement. A girth measurement or weight too if possible will certainly help us more accurately represent your fish, but it is not imperative. If you are choosing to do an original skin mount, getting your trophy cold (or ideally frozen) promptly is best. Tuck the fins and wrap/roll your fish in a soaking wet towel or old rag if you have access to one. Then, into a garbage bag or zip-lock bag. Roll out the air, label and tape shut/freeze. Or, if no freezer access place your bagged fish in a cooler on top of ice and get to your taxidermist. That’s it! No need to keep the fish flat on a board or reinforcing the fins,etc.. Just be careful from banging the tail if your trophy is frozen. Once frozen, you have some time to research us and other taxidermists BEFORE you make a rushed decision!


At Fish Specialties Taxidermy we offer highly detailed, top-notch fish taxidermy services for a fair price. Our philosophy is that when you finally catch that trophy of a lifetime, you’re going to want the best and somebody that you can trust to do your mount correctly. Top artistry and quality comes first with us. We believe most customers get one, maybe two fish mounted or replicated in their lifetimes. Why would you want to take a chance on your trophy of a lifetime to save a few bucks? Don’t you deserve the best? We believe the extra few dollars spent now for a quality mount done right is well worth the lasting quality you’ll receive for years to come. By choosing any member of our team, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen one of the most qualified fish taxidermists in the country! Please visit one of our artists web pages for more information concerning their pricing. Or, if we don’t have a shop near you (and you’re looking for a replica), you can save time and get a great turnaround time on your replica by using our online replica service.

Discounts/ Military Discount

PRICING: We set our prices fairly based on the high level of detail (and time) we put into each and every mount.


We have perfected our crating and shipping process and can safely and cost-effectively ship your trophy anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. We typically do not charge an extra crating fee for most freshwater and many saltwater mounts or replicas up to 50″ long. However, if your specie/size requires extra care to ensure it ships safely, then an additional, nominal crating charge may apply. Our shipping rates are VERY REASONABLE. And you will be given your total shipping costs when you place your order.  (NOTE: Be careful. Many shops charge extra for crating and some are not up front with their crating and shipping costs. Read their fine print carefully before you buy!) We are also environmentally friendly with our shipping materials and we recycle and re-use boxes and packaging materials as much as we can – also saving you money!