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Location: Monroe, MI

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*Note: Not accepting credit cards at this time.


About the Artist, Amy Hall

Amy first expressed an interest in taxidermy when she was in 7th grade. Long before the internet and at a time when taxidermist’s closely guarded their secrets. Amy was forced to learn on her own, gathering as much information as she could from books at the local library along with the encouragement of her Biology teacher who helped by giving her a taxidermy supplies catalog. At first Amy dabbled mostly with mammals and fish, learning the ins and outs on her own via trial and error. Three decades later and focusing exclusively on fish for the last ten years, Amy has grown into one of the top Fish Artists in southern Michigan and the Toledo, Ohio area!


  • Full Service Fish-only studio
  • Freshwater, saltwater and exotics
  • Custom original skin mounts or replicas
  • Restorations, repairs and repaints
  • Custom painted to your photos(s)
  • Over a decade of experience mounting fish

Terms, pricing and method of payment at our Monroe, Michigan location:

By appointment only, please phone first. Amy accepts cash, checks and money orders. She does not accept credit cards. 50% deposit required to start every job, payments accepted. Please call for current pricing. All jobs performed in order of deposits received. Upon completion, prompt pickup is appreciated.

Note: Credit Cards Not Accepted

Current approximate turnaround time: Original skin mounts and replicas 3-4 months.

Amy Hall Work Portfolio