Fish Specialities Taxidermy Services

Our name says it all. We specialize in fish and only fish!


Freshwater taxidermy is our most popular service. When it comes to your freshwater prize, trust the best.


Saltwater in the midwest? You betcha! Custom artwork. Better prices. Highest quality guaranteed.

Custom Skin Mounts

Custom, original skin mounts – trust your trophy of a lifetime with one of our Masters!


We only use the highest quality fiberglass blanks. A quality replica starts out with a quality blank.

Restorations & Repaints

We do a lot of restorations, repairs, and repaints. It’s our “specialty within our specialty.”

Custom Habitats

Adding even a little extra habitat – weeds, rocks, lily pads, baitfish, etc. can add a lot of interest to a basic mount.

  • Freshwater, Saltwater & Exotics
  • Original Skin Mounts & Reproductions
  • Restorations, Repairs and Repaints
  • Custom Habitats and Custom Molding
  • No job too big or too small for Fish Specialties
  • We also offer taxidermy training


Marty Shimkus - Fish Artist

We only use the highest quality replica (blanks) available made in the U.S.A. or Canada. A quality replica starts with a quality “canvas”. From the incredible mouth and scale details to the artistically presented, natural positions, we offer only the best blanks available to our customers. From there one of our talented artists will custom paint your trophy from your photo/specifications to capture the unique colors your fish displayed when caught!

*What we need? The two most important things are a good photo and a length measurement. Then, if you can get a quick girth measurement or weight that would be helpful too!

Original Skin Mounts:

Marty Shimkus - Fish Artist

Traditional skin mount taxidermy is a very involved process that takes plenty of time, skill, artistic talent and attention to details to become one of our Fish Artists. There are no second chances when entrusting your trophy of a lifetime with just anybody. ALL of our Fish Specialties skin mount Artists are professionally trained in the proper preservation techniques for lasting quality of your trophy skin mount. And you can TRUST that they have the artistic talent to bring your fish and your special memories back to life!

Restorations, Repairs & Repaints:

We do a lot of restorations, repairs, and repaints at Fish Specialties Taxidermy and we would consider it our “specialty within our specialty”. Not many taxidermists will take on restoration work because of the difficulties involved. You never know for certain what materials and techniques the previous taxidermist used and compatibility issues with today’s materials are always a concern. It takes years of doing restorations (and lots of trial and error!) to understand how to approach each and every restoration job. And every job is different. Some mounts are “basket cases” that are badly damaged and/or poorly done to begin with and need a total restore. Others are very old mounts done by talented taxidermists “back in the day” with minimal damage. With these we try to match and retain the style of the original taxidermist. We’ve restored everything from 60 year old mounts to mounts that were recently (and poorly) done by other taxidermists. All of our customers are amazed when they pick up their restored mounts because not only do they get to re-live their memories all over again, but their repaired mount looks better than ever!

More often than not, damaged mounts are much easier to repair than most people think. Oftentimes, minor repairs such as broken or cracked fins and/or paint touch-ups along with a good cleaning and re-glossing can do wonders for an old mount for a relatively small fee. Feel free to call or email photos of your damaged mounts for a free estimate.

Re-paints are another specialty of ours! It’s been said a quality paint-job can make a poor mount look good. Quite often, simply touching up the whites and adding a few colors and details here and there can do wonders for a mount. Sometimes however, the best thing to do is to strip the old paint and re-paint the whole fish. Again, many times the cost is much less than one would think. Feel free to call or email photos of your damaged mounts to your fish artist for a free estimate.

Custom Habitats & Displays

Simply adding a little extra habitat – weeds, rocks, lilly-pads, baitfish, etc. can really add a lot of interest to a basic mount for a minimal price. But, we also have the capabilities to create much more elaborate custom habitats and displays for those looking for that “WOW” factor! We can help our clients see that fish taxidermy and custom habitats/displays can truly be an Art form and can compliment any décor if done properly. We work with our customers and tailor each project to meet each clients specific wants and needs and budget. We can design and create custom habitats, displays and dioramas for trophy rooms, sporting and tackle stores, man caves, cabins and resorts, offices, homes and restaurants, etc. Besides replicas, we also offer custom artwork and accent pieces by our fish artists sporting an outdoors theme in our “For Sale” section.

Taxidermy Training:

Why would I want to learn fish taxidermy or painting fish replicas? Fish taxidermy and/or painting fish replicas can be a very rewarding hobby or a fantastic way to use your artistic talents to earn extra income! It’s a great feeling bringing your customer’s trophies back to life. Perfect for teachers looking for summer employment or great part-time income for “work-at-home” parents or semi-retirees. With minimal space needed and very low up-front costs along with offering a flexible schedule and the ability to work from your location, why not consider Fish Taxidermy as a fun hobby or part-time job or even a full-time career? Learn more here.